Wasatch Bus Schedule and Policy


The bus is usually filled to capacity with students who live in an area where students ride the bus; so there isn’t usually room for friends to ride home on the bus. In a rare circumstance, students can get special permission to ride if they have a signed note from their parents and the principal approves it.


Eligibility for Transportation:

A student enrolled in grades K-6 who lives more than 1-1/2 miles from school.





Bus 17

Pick Up


Drop Off

Drop Off Fridays

8:15 2220 N. 1400 E. 3:35 1:37
8:16 2200 Oak Crest Ln. 3:37 1:38
8:17 1971 Oak Lane 3:38 1:39
8:18 1841 N. 1400 E. 3:39 1:41
8:21 1191 Locust Lane 3:43 1:45
For more information visit the District Bus Stop Information Page


Bus 3

Pick Up


Drop Off

Drop off Fridays

8:16 2115 N. 1450 E. 3:35 1.45
8:17 1891 N. 1500 E. 3:37 1:47
8:19 1507 N. 1450 E. 3:38 1:48
8:21 1201 N. 1450 E. 3:40 1:50
For more information visit the District Bus Stop Information Page


Exceptions :

Elementary school students residing less than 1-1/2 miles from school, and secondary school students residing less than two miles from school, may be transported one way to or from school because of safety factors relating to darkness or other hazardous conditions as determined by the local school board.

Choice Enrollment:

Students who are enrolled in a school other than their assigned school (Choice Enrollment) must provide their own transportation. Students may be allowed to ride a bus on a space available basis only.


How the distance is determined:

Distance is measured from the middle of the driveway of the home to the middle of the first entrance to the school. In some cases the first entrance may be through the school field, school driveway, or a neighborhood access point.