Safe Routes for Walking to School:

We have three crossing guards at crosswalks before and after school (including before and after Kindergarten) to help kids cross at safe places and walk home in safe routes.  Please follow this link to safe routing plans and discuss with your families the safe ways to walk to and from school.

Carpool Pickup and Drop-off Instructions:

Click on a map to view the full-sized map.

Carpool pickupcarpool maps

There is no drop-off or pickup directly in front of the school before or after school. The front of the school is reserved for parking and for buses.

Please use the car pool pickup areas on the South Blacktop or in the North East parking lot behind the school (accessible from Birch Ave.) Please be cautious and aware of the many many kids in these areas and help our kids be safe.

Kindergarten Pickup and Drop-off can be done at the Wasatch Too Carpool Pickup.

Please remember that if your children stay for activities after school (including the after-school program), there are no crossing guards on duty when they will be going home.