Book Fair this Week!!!
March 20th-23rd

Don't forget Family Night this Thursday until 7:00
Special Spring Activity from 5:30-6:45

SHOP ONLINE (March 14-27)

TUES & WED—8:15-3:45

We invite you and your family to visit the Book Fair and support our school by purchasing fun books for your child’s classroom, your family library, or as gifts.

Grandparents Day

BYU Group Organ Class

My name is Nora Hess, and I am an experienced music teacher and organist just finishing my MM in organ performance and pedagogy at BYU. For the past several years, Dr. Don Cook and I have been conducting research into teaching children ages 8-12 to play the organ as a first instrument. We have developed equipment and curriculum, with the help of a prominent publisher of organ music, and successfully taught several young students on an individual basis. Teaching students younger than 12 is not common in the United States, although it has been done successfully in Europe. I will be visiting an organ class for elementary-aged children at a French conservatory this spring to observe their instruction methods.

In the fall of 2018 we plan to offer a group organ class at BYU for students in 4th through 6th grades who have no previous musical training. Because of the high ratings your school has received, along with its proximity to BYU, we would like to offer your students an opportunity to sign up for this class, which will be limited by the number of organs we have in our lab to only 12 students. The cost will be $160 per student for the entire semester, including 24 hours of instruction time with a student to teacher ratio of 4-6 students per instructor, plus a $30 fee to cover all books, materials, and organ shoe rental.

Please let me know if you are interested! We are very excited about the prospects of inviting younger students to play the organ, which Mozart called "The King of Instruments." We hope in the process to change the way organ is taught in the United States, and to make it available to many young people rather than just the privileged few. 

Nora Hess, CAGO


If you are interested, please submit your contact information HERE

PAWS Direct Donation Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey last month. Based on survey results, we are going to do a Direct Donation Fundraiser instead of a Movie Night Fundraiser.  

The money will be used to buy:
-6 iPads for DIBELS testing
-STEM enrichment materials
-MobyMax Math License to be used school wide
-Items to help kids with focus issues (noise canceling headphones, wiggle seats, etc.)  

The suggested donation is $10 per family. If your budget allows, you are, of course, welcome to donate more or less.  Any amount helps meet the goal.

You can donate money two different ways:
1. Send your donation in the form of cash or a check back to the school with your students. They can turn it into their teachers or the office. Checks need to be made out to PAWS.
2. Venmo--the username is “wasatchpaws" and the profile picture is the lego Satch from this year’s t-shirts.

We hope these options make it easy for anyone wishing to contribute.

As a reminder, proceeds from the Fall Festival go directly to your students' classrooms for the teachers to use as needed. Proceeds from box tops and the Spring Fundraiser purchase a gift for the school.  Last year, the money raised through the fundraisers was used to purchase 12 iPads for DIBELS testing and two portable speaker systems for the school. The iPads we purchase this year will complete the number of iPads the school presently needs.

Based on survey results we will keep the Fall Festival next year and simplify volunteers needs so families can spend more time together at the event.  

*Everyone who makes a donation will be entered into a drawing for a lego set or a penguin brothers gift card.

Charity Dinner & Auction

Attendance Counts

A reminder of District Policy:

"All students are expected to be in class and on time every school day, in every class."
Notification of Attendance Letter: 5 unexcused absences
1st Citation Letter: 8 unexcused absences
2nd Citation Letter: 10 unexcused absences
3 Tardies Letter = 1 absence
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Lego Engineering Summer Camps


The SafeUT app is now available for iPhone and Android devices, connecting students anonymously to a licensed counselor at the university at any hour of any day.

But the resource goes beyond suicide prevention. Students can use the app to call, chat or submit a tip about bullying, threats, violence, gang activity, sexual harassment, drug activity, cheating and other issues. Students can also make their tips school-specific, allowing the institute to inform school counselors and resource officers if there's a problem. Students who don't have access to a smartphone can access the same services through state's crisis hotline, 800-273-8255.

More info HERE.

Free National Park Pass for All 4th Graders

Every Kid in a Park

Does your family need an excuse to take a vacation? The National Park Foundation’s Every Kid in a Park initiative is a perfect excuse to take the family on the ultimate excursion. This initiative allows all fourth graders and their families throughout the nation to trail-blaze any and every national park, for FREE through the 2017-2018 school year!

By visiting Every Kid in a Park government website students can create their own bucket list/diary to record their top preferred locations to visit. Personalizing their list allows students access to print their park pass and explore historic monuments, ancient forests, cultural artifacts, and parks with protected animals.

It is important the park pass is printed through the website because electronic copies are not accepted. Fourth graders, their family members under 16 and up to 3 adults are admitted into parks for free. Park passes expire August, 31, 2018. However, following the start of the new school year all new fourth graders are welcome to create their adventure diary.

With available travel guides and the latest news at your fingertips, planning an adventure is easy. If you’re concerned about where to stay, there’s no need to worry! Finding information on how to reserve a campsite or cabin is also available through the Every Kid in a Park website.

A Quick Look at the Calendar Year 2017-2018


Kindergarten Schedule CHANGE

Beginning New School Year 2017-18


      AM Mon-Thurs       PM Mon-Thurs         8:40 - 11:45        12:20 - 3:20

        AM FRIDAY          PM FRIDAY 

       8:40-10:45       11:30-1:30

Krispy Kreme Cards

Sold in the School Office

Buy One Dozen Get a Dozen Free

10 Punch Card = $20

2017-2019 New Community Council Board Members

We would like to announce our new Community Council Board Members who will be serving on the board for the 2017-2019 school years.  Thank you to Anthony Bates, Paul Caldarella, Heather Belnap Jensen and Pam Smalley for their willingness to serve in appropriating our school Land Trust funds and supporting our efforts in achieving our school-wide learning goals.  Community Council meetings are held monthly throughout the school year and members of the Wasatch community are welcome to attend those meetings.

Help Earn Money for Wasatch 

Macey's and Smith's grocery store gives money to Wasatch for every purchase you make. We don't want to miss out on this opportunity for money for technology so please link your Macey's and Smith's card to Wasatch.  Click HERE for more information.


6th grade students from Ms Liu have a Wasatch Chinese Newsletter!  The creators and editors are Michael Fox, Jensen Conner, Grace Haraguchi, Coy Krommenhoek and Catherine Bao.  Click HERE to check out their newsletters for March and April.


Help your kids learn to be safe online

Visit the following links with your children to learn more about being safe

on the internet and with social media.

To ensure safety online, it is recommended you put either K9 or Norton Online Family on your computers, and also use OpenDNS on your router. These three internet protection sites are excellent and they are all FREE. If you need more information about how each of these tools work and which one would be best for your family, please go through the slides for the Internet Safety presentation. They cover each of these tools in great detail and explain what each tool can do and how it can be used. This combination seems to work best in keeping the family safe. However, no internet filter is a substitute for taking time to talk to your children regularly and for teaching them how to protect themselves on the internet.

Wasatch is now on Social Media!

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WASATCH wins 2015 National Blue Ribbon Award!!

Each year, National Blue Ribbon Schools shine under a national spotlight for all the right reasons. The award acknowledges and validates the hard work of students, educators, families, and communities in striving for—and attaining—exemplary achievement. For many, attaining the National Blue Ribbon School award is the realization of a long-held dream.

National Blue Ribbon Schools serve as models for other schools throughout the nation, and school personnel are often sought out as mentors.

International Pen Pal Program

Su Ma Ma Chinese Club

Rene with Chinese letter

Click HERE to see pictures of 3 - 6 graders with their pen pal letters.

Mrs. Cunningham received a letter today from her pen pal sister school in Taiwan at the Xinshi Elementary School. This is the fourth year Wasatch has participated in the Su Ma Ma Chinese Club Pen Pal Program. This year we have grades 3 - 6 participating which includes the Chinese Immersion and regular English classes. Three to four letters will be exchanged this semester along with sharing videos of their pen pal friends. If your child is interested in joining, then click on Su Ma Ma Chinese Club Facebook page to find out more information.

Prohibition of Bullying, Harassment, Hazing and Retaliation Policy 

Click HERE for the policy. 

Electronic Device Policy - 2017

Wasatch Elementary, along with the Provo City School District Board of Education recognizes that electronic and interfering devices are both distracting and disruptive  to the learning environment, and have the potential to be used to intimidate and/or threaten others.  Therefore, such devices are not to be seen or heard in class unless the teacher's activity specifically requires their use.

If a cell phone or electronic device is brought to school, it is to be turned on vibrate or off and remain in the student's backpack during the school day (including lunch and recess).  If this policy is violated, school administration will take appropriate disciplinary action.

Interfering devices - This is any device that interferes with the educational process.  This could include, but is not limited to, cameras, cell phones, camera telephones, gameboys, tablets, ipods, lasers, laser pens or pointers, or other electronic equipment or disruptive objects.

Updated: 2/18/16