Absentee Hotline:  801-374-4911


If your student is going to be late or absent from school please call the School Attendance Line at 801-374-4911 and leave a message detailing the absence before 8:45 am.

Attendance Policies

Provo School District has adopted a new attendance policy (District Attendance Policy.pdf) which has been approved by the Provo School Board. We encourage you to please read the policy carefully so you will know what is expected of you and your children.

Do not keep a child home from school unless he/she is sick. On the other hand, when a student is sick, do keep him/her home!  We are not prepared to care for sick children at school. If you go to the doctor please bring a note to excuse the absence. We encourage you to please not schedule appointments during the school day. Please schedule doctor and dentist appointments after school or on Saturday.  Every moment counts and students that come late or leave early for appointments miss vital class time.

Any exceptions to the attendance policy must be pre-approved in writing by Mrs. Cunningham.

Download pre-approved Absence Request form HERE

School Hours

School STARTS at 8:40. Students not in their classrooms by 8:40 WILL be marked tardy and need to check in at the office to get a late slip. The National Anthem plays AFTER the late bell rings. Students need to be in class by 8:40 regardless of when National Anthem plays.

Monday - Thursday 8:40 - 3:20

Friday 8:40 - 1:30 (early release every Friday)


TIPS for Arriving to School On Time

and Attending School Daily


  • Talk with your child about feelings and fears, which helps reduce them.
  • Emphasize the positive aspects of going to school; being with friends, learning a favorite subject, recess
  • Arrange an informal meeting with your child’s teacher, away from the classroom.
  • Allow your child to have their own alarm clock. Our school can help your family purchase an alarm clock if necessary.
  • Develop a regular daily routine for getting ready for bed at night and for school in the morning.
  • Have your child shower the night before school, pick out their clothes, and get their backpack and lunch ready to go before going to bed.
  • Make sure your child is getting a good night’s rest. An earlier bedtime may help. No electronics late into the night!
  • Count down the time before leaving. “We have ten more minutes before we need to leave.”
  • Go over self-help techniques with your child, such as deep breathing or self talk, to learn to calm themselves down.
  • Be firm with your limits. Allowing a child to stay home will often increase their resistance to attending school.
  • Meet with the school social worker for extra guidance and support. (Aleksi Poirier, aleksip@provo.edu)

A reminder of the District Policy, “All students are expected to be in class and on time every school day, in every class."

Notification of Attendance Letter: 5 unexcused absences

1st Citation Letter: 8 unexcused absences

2nd Citation Letter: 10 unexcused absences

3 tardies equal 1 absence

Read more at http://provo.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/elem-sec-attendancePolicy.pdf