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             Dear Parents,
As we begin the planning process for next year, we'd like to remind you of our class placement procedures.  Students will be completing a Friendship Request Form the week of May 2nd, in which they identify up to five friends they would like to be in the same class with next year. Students will bring this form home for your input and signature.  The forms must be returned by Friday, May 6th.  Teachers and administration will consider these requests in making class placement decisions, and insure each student has at least one of the identified friends in their class next year.  Class lists for 2016-17 will then be placed on the Wasatch main doors on June 1st.  At this time there will be an appeal form available in the office for those who would like to request changes.  The last day to turn in appeals will be June 15th.  Parents will be notified of appeal decisions by June 27thOnce the school year has started no class change requests will be accepted until Monday, September 12th.  I want to assure you that teachers, staff, and administration put much thought and effort into making class placement decisions for our students.
If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.
Rene Cunningham                                                                                                 Friendship Request Form                                                                         
         Congratulations Maddie!  You are amazing!  Click HERE to see the full article in the Daily Herald.                                                                          

Coming up ...

May 2 - May 3 ... SAGE Math Testing

Tuesday, May 3 ... Wasatch Art Show @ 6:30 - 7:30

Thursday, May 5 ... Ice Cream Party @ noon for no NO TV Week participants

Friday, May 6 ... Color Fun Run @ 4:00 Wasatch Fundraiser

Friday, May 6 ... Friendship Request Form due

May 4 - 10 ... SAGE Science Testing

Thursday, May 12 ... Field Day for 3 - 6 graders

Fri, May 13 ... Library books due and Caldecott and Star Reader forms due

Friday, May 13 ... Wasatch Track Meet @ Provo High for 3 - 6 graders


                     Special Guest Artist - Josh Callaway                         Art Show will also be open during the day on Monday, May 2nd from 12:00 - 4:00, Tuesday, May 3rd from 8:00 - 4:00 and Wednesday, May 4th from 8:00 - 12:00


Library Books Due

Library books are due and lost books must be paid for by Friday, May 13.  Caldecott and Star Reader forms are also due by May 13th. Please check under your beds and return any books that have been mysteriously lost during the year or check with Mrs. Peck and pay for that lost book.  Thank you!


Happy Secretaries Day to these beautiful and ever-so-amazing ladies! Everyone who walks into the office at Wasatch receives wonderful help and leaves with a smile on their face. We love our secretaries!


SAGE Testing

Testing will begin April 13 and run through May 10

PARENTS - To ensure best testing for your children, please do the following:
  • Arrive to school on time
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Get a good nights sleep the night before
If you have questions about specific testing times (AM or PM), or what test your child will be taking each week, you can contact your classroom teacher directly or here is the complete SAGE testing schedule. Practice SAGE tests are available online by clicking HERE and your child can sign in as a "guest" to practice all of the SAGE tests.   

Community Council

The Wasatch Community Council is pleased to announce that the following parents will be serving on the Council for the 2016-2017 school year: Sarah Ashby, Jennie Blum, Nicki Collins, Lisa Hart, Tennery Norton, Kristina Parkinson and Paul Caldarella
The Council welcomes participation and feedback from all parents. We thank all of you who give so generously of your time to help make Wasatch great. 
Our current Community Council members for 2015-2016 have been Lisa Hart, Sarah Ashby, Janell Tuttle and RonNell Jones, Tennery Norton, Kristina Parkinson and Paul Caldarella.  We especially want to thank you for your time and dedication to Wasatch.

 *** THANK YOU ***


WASATCH wins 2015 National Blue Ribbon Award!!

Click HERE to see a short video of the presentation on our Facebook page.

Each year, National Blue Ribbon Schools shine under a national spotlight for all the right reasons. The award acknowledges and validates the hard work of students, educators, families, and communities in striving for—and attaining—exemplary achievement. For many, attaining the National Blue Ribbon School award is the realization of a long-held dream.

National Blue Ribbon Schools serve as models for other schools throughout the nation, and school personnel are often sought out as mentors.

Click on the video below to learn about being a National Blue Ribbon School.

Electronic Device Policy - 2016

Wasatch Elementary, along with the Provo City School District Board of Education recognizes that electronic and interfering devices are both distracting and disruptive  to the learning environment, and have the potential to be used to intimidate and/or threaten others.  Therefore, such devices are not to be seen or heard in class unless the teacher's activity specifically requires their use.

If a cell phone or electronic device is brought to school, it is to be turned on vibrate or off and remain in the student's backpack during the school day (including lunch and recess).  If this policy is violated, school administration will take appropriate disciplinary action.

Interfering devices - This is any device that interferes with the educational process.  This could include, but is not limited to, cameras, cell phones, camera telephones, gameboys, tablets, ipods, lasers, laser pens or pointers, or other electronic equipment or disruptive objects.

Updated: 2/18/16


Mrs. Stocking - 6th grade teacher

Utah Valley Educator of the Week

Congratulations!!!  Wasatch is lucky to have you!

Click on the picture above to see full Daily Herald article.

Wax Museum 2016

Each student chooses an American history hero, studies about their lives and then become and present their person.  Also, this year the 5th grade Chinese Immersion students will do their presentations in Chinese.  This is one of my FAVORITE things to see at Wasatch.  You'll be amazed!  Click HERE to see a gallery of photos.


Click HERE for more information.

Wasatch is now on Social Media!

Wasatch has a FACEBOOK page!

To see updates, pictures, events and announcements, check us out on Facebook!

3rd Grade Spelling Bee Winners

1st place - Kate Rowan / Mrs. Nelson's class (middle)
2nd place - Oliver Bills / Mrs. Story's class (left)
3rd place - Quinn Eckton / Mrs. Nelson's class (right)

Art Expressions 2016 Winners

Click HERE for a list of all the winners grades 1 - 6

International Pen Pal Program

Su Ma Ma Chinese Club

Rene with Chinese letter

Click HERE to see pictures of 3 - 6 graders with their pen pal letters.

Mrs. Cunningham received a letter today from her pen pal sister school in Taiwan at the Xinshi Elementary School. This is the third year Wasatch has participated in the Su Ma Ma Chinese Club Pen Pal Program. This year we have grades 3 - 6 participating which includes the Chinese Immersion and regular English classes. Three to four letters will be exchanged this semester along with sharing videos of their pen pal friends. If your child is interested in joining, then click on Su Ma Ma Chinese Club Face book page to find out more information.

Help your kids learn to be safe online

Visit the following links with your children to learn more about being safe

on the internet and with social media.

To ensure safety online, it is recommended you put either K9 or Norton Online Family on your computers, and also use OpenDNS on your router. These three internet protection sites are excellent and they are all FREE If you need more information about how each of these tools work and which one would be best for your family, please go through the slides for the Internet Safety presentation. They cover each of these tools in great detail and explain what each tool can do and how it can be used.   This combination seems to work best in keeping the family safe. However, no internet filter is a substitute for taking time to talk to your children regularly and for teaching them how to protect themselves on the internet.

This story will definitely make you happy ...

"Research had shown that riding a bike is good for brain development and learning."  The Wasatch Staff recently acquired a bicycle donated by Natalie Hepworth to give to a deserving 6th grade student who had grown out of her current bike.  Mr. Thompson and Andrew Wright fixed up the bike and thoroughly cleaned it to a sparkling pink like-new condition.  The bike was given to a delighted student who couldn't wait to ride it home.  Thank you Mrs. Hepworth for your kindness and generosity.  The story gets even better ... Kaylee now has decided to donate her small bike to a younger Wasatch student so he or she can ride to school as well.  PAYING IT FORWARD is such an amazing thing!!!

Medieval Feast 2016

To see more PICTURES click here.

Wasatch Halloween Spooktacular 2015

Click here to see more pictures


Spotlight/School News

SPRING on Wasatch Elementary School

Today's Good Students Make Tomorrow's Good Citizens

The mission of Wasatch Elementary School is to provide a high quality education by:

-Ensuring a safe physical and emotional environment where children feel loved, confident, and successful.

-Equipping children with the basic tools of math, literacy, and reasoning.

-Fostering participation in the arts and sciences.

-And teaching the fundamental values of respect, responsibility and service.




SCHOOL CALENDAR--------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click on the SCHOOL CALENDAR link to the right.

Then, click on view by MONTH.


School Hours Grades 1-6

            M-Th 8:40-3:20

            Fri 8:40-1:30 (early release every Friday)



AM Kindergarten 8:40-11:20 M-F

PM Kindergarten 12:05-3:20 M-Th

(There is no PM Kindergarten on Fridays)


Kindergarten Early Out Day (Shortened Schedule)
AM Kindergarten 8:40-10:40
PM Kindergarten 11:30-1:30


Lunch Prices for 2013-2014 School Year

Full Price Lunch:

  • 1 Day: $2.00
  • 1 Week: $10.00
  • 1 Month: $40.00
  • The Whole School Year: $360.00

Click on the School Lunch Link to pay online or to apply for free/reduced

meal benefits.




A Homework Help & Enrichment Program/Monday-Thursday 3:20-5:30/Friday 1:30-2:30

Suzanne Wilson Site Director  email heatherwi@provo.edu   801 319 2054

Registration Form - HERE



3rd Grade Choir = Tuesday & Thursday 7:40

Concert Choir = Wednesday & Friday 7:30

Band = Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:30

       Monday - Everyone

       Tuesday - Woodwinds

       Thursday - Brass


Pre-Approved Absence Request Form- here


ABSENTEE HOTLINE   801 374 4911

Upcoming Events

For a complete Calendar Click on the SCHOOL CALENDAR link at the top of the page.

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Links to Class Websites



Wasatch 2014 SAGE Tests

Percent Proficient

2013-14 SAGE Summative average proficiencies shown below reflect a new baseline for Utah's end of level testing. The new SAGE test is different than the previous Criteria Referenced Tests (CRT), and more challenging, and therefore cannot be compared to CRT results from previous years. SAGE tests are adaptive, with questions based on new Utah Core standards, and contain technology-based questions versus all multiple choice.

Third Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 63% 54% 44%
Math 69% 52% 44%


Fourth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 76% 54% 42%
Math 82% 60% 48%
Science 70% 50% 43%


Fifth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 69% 53% 42%
Math 72% 59% 44%
Science 77% 51% 46%


Sixth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 68% 53% 43%
Math 63% 48% 35%
Science 65% 51% 46%


Historic Criterion-Referenced Tests


Achievement Data



The Provo City School District supports equal opportunity for students, staff, parents and guests and complies with state and federal law regulation including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments. The District does not discriminate in programs services, activities or employment on the basis of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, or disability.

Inquiries regarding students, programs, services or activity compliance may be directed to the Executive Director of Student Services at 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT 84604 801-374-4814.

For program, service or activity accommodations under the ADA, please contact Student Services at 801-374-4838 or donnan@provo.edu.

Inquiries regarding employment compliance may be directed to the Executive Director of Human Resources at 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT 84604 801-374-4938.

For applicant or employee accommodations under the ADA, please contact the Benefit Coordinator 801-374-4847 or rebeccavo@provo.edu.