Kindergarten Registration

MARCH 9, 2018/2-4:00/LIBRARY 

Welcome, we are excited for your child to join Wasatch Elementary! The following will provide you with information regarding the 3 step process for registration of your incoming Kindergarten student. Children who will be 5 years old ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 are eligible for enrollment.

 3 Step Process for Registration

Step 1 is to fill out a pre-registration form online at and click on New Student Registration.

Step 2 upon receipt of an email from Wasatch fill out the registration forms online.

Step 3 provide the following documents to Wasatch.

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s immunization records – including dates of all shots, or exception certificate
  • Proof of address (example: utility bill, current mortgage payment or rental agreement)

Children may register but cannot attend school until immunizations are up to date and a copy of the record has been turned into the office. Please see the attached immunization letter for more detailed information. click here

For registration to be complete both the online information and the requested documents must be received by the school.

If you do not have access to the Internet you may register at the school or any place you can access the Internet. If you know of families with kindergarten-age children who will be attending school next year, please share this information with them.

Things you can do to prepare your student for kindergarten:

  • Encourage your child to be cooperative, responsible, independent, and curious; to describe needs, feelings and events; and to manage emotions. These abilities help make school easier.
  • Help motivate your child by sharing your positive thoughts about the exciting changes ahead. Be confident and supportive to help your child feel less nervous.
  • Use numbers: play counting games, compare ages, keep score, measure things-time, sizes amounts.
  • Read books together. Talk about the story and pictures to help our child learn language.
  • Play with ABC's, find letters in signs, practice writing letters, ask how letters sound, make words with blocks.
  • Do art projects. Give your child markers, paints, paper, paste and other supplies to use. Display the results!
  • Encourage free play. This helps build your child's imagination and problem-solving skills.
  • Make play dates with your child's future schoolmates. It can help to get friendships started early.
  • Encourage helpful habits: set a regular time to pick up playthings, stick to a schedule, practice following directions.
  • Promote a love of reading: read aloud with your child, ask questions about the stories, set aside a quiet reading time, turn off the TV and other distractions, have books available in your home, to to the library often.
  • Discuss any fears and encourage discussion. Let your child talk to you about his or her fears or feelings. Be reassuring and tell your child that you everything will be fine. Do all you can to help your child feel happy and confident about school. Keep a positive attitude. If you look forward to the first day of school, your child will probably do the same.