Positive Behavior Intervention System


We have been working together with Wasatch faculty and staff to get our new Positive Behavior Intervention System underway. Teachers are working with students in the classroom through reinforcement of our Wasatch Way Routines “Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.” Student behavior concerns that occur are then connected back to one of our Wasatch Routines. The teacher will reteach the routines to the student and discuss how these routines look in various parts of the school (i.e., at recess, at lunch, in the hallways, etc.). If students have had three minor behavior concerns of a similar nature, and the teacher has contacted a parent along the way, the teacher will then refer the student to the Life Skills Room (LSR). Administration will accompany the student from the classroom to the LSR. If students have a major behavior issue they can be referred to the LSR immediately. While in the LSR, students will have some time to de-escalate and then discuss with Mrs. Paiva the Wasatch Routine connected with their behavior and practice the skills needed. Students will then complete a think sheet and then be escorted back to the classroom. This researched based system of empowering students with the specific skills needed to make better choices and handle difficult situations has shown to have great success. Student behavior data is being collected and we will be sharing information with Wasatch parents and teachers. We will be looking at increase/decrease in positive/negative student behaviors, where and when certain behaviors are occurring, and overall climate of the school.


Hello, my name is Kim Paiva and I am excited to be working in the Life Skills Room at Wasatch Elementary this year. I majored in Biblical Studies and have worked with elementary and high school age students over the course of 15 years. I enjoyed getting to know many students last year while working as the lunch clerk and look forward to interacting with students more this year.

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family, music, and visiting national parks.



Click HERE for a slide show presentation regarding Stop Walk Talk.






Life Skills Room Flow Chart

PBIS Teacher Flow Chart